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When I was a kid, we spent our summers in a cottage by a tiny cove off of Buzzards Bay. Buzzards Bay is the large bay between the Western part of Cape Cod and the South Coast of Massachusetts.

The cottage sat just off the marsh in a wooded area filled with enormous white pine and scraggly oak trees. At a full-moon high tide, the water would flow right under our cottage it was so close to sea level.

Just remember this, there are no buzzards on Buzzards Bay, never have been. Sea Hawks, yes, otherwise known as Osprey. But back in Elizabethan times when the Eastern Massachusetts shores were being explored, all Ospreys and some other shore birds were called buzzards.

The name of the cove was Marks Cove and in the middle of the cove was an island. We wonder who Mark was. The island was called Cedar Island and it still has a few gnarly Cedar trees struggling to survive. But they are tough trees and will make it.

In fact, the posts that held up our cottage were all made from Cedar. Cedar never rots and is impervious to termites and carpenter ants that attack most other trees. Sadly, they are all that remains of our cottage by the cove.

Once upon a time, there was a wrecked cabin cruiser stranded on the shore on a little island across from our cottage. The transom was torn off and you could walk right into the wreck and climb around its innards.

My beautiful Mom would pack a lunch, stash it in a basket, then, put us kids in the rowboat and row us across the cove (it was a short row) and we would have a picnic and play Pirates in the wreck. We renamed our cove the Pirate Cove and our pirate ship was called The Golden Scupper...I think our Mom made that up, but we loved it.

The fastest boat on our cove was an open wooden speedboat called the "Whoppee". It leaked...a lot. Most days it was filled with water and half sunk. After bailing it out, though, and attaching the big outboard engine to its transom, it ran like the wind as long as someone kept bailing or manning the bilge pump, hand operated of course.


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