"Wareham Suffers When Philip Metacom Became Sachem Of The Wamponoags And Starts The King Phlip War In 1675..."

Wareham started out as Agawam. Agawam means "a place where fish are caught".

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Agawam was purchased by Plymouth in 1666 from the Wampannoags which included the following Indian owners:
  • Causetan
  • Nanumett
  • Awampoke
  • Awanoo
  • Attaywanpeek
  • Aspackanuck (AKA Ralph Jones)
  • Peter
  • Tatosen
  • Peter (the second one)
  • Weeanuckett
  • Acanootus
The Indians believed that they could still fish and hunt and live on the the land they sold.

Plymouth wrote into the title that the purchase was to exclude all prior Indian rights to hunt and fish or occupy the property.

Those Indians were really surprised when they lost these rights.

The Indians got the grand total of twenty-four pounds and ten shillings.

At one time there was a town official called a Hogreeve. It was his duty to round up the hogs found at large in the community. The hog was impounded and the owner was charged a shilling for recovering his animal.

It the hog remained unclaimed, it was sold to the highest bidder.The proceeds were turned over to the town.

It wasn't until 1739 that Wareham became an official town. The first town meeting was held on August 6, 1739.

There were two leper houses in the town located on an acre of land in the Tihonet woods. In 1923, the town purchased the land for $1,000 and burned down both leper houses.

Hmmm! What happened to the lepers?

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As usual, the image is Onset, not Wareham.

Here is what Main Street, Wareham, looked like in 1908. It still had the trolley tracks running down the middle of the street. The trolley went from New Bedford to Onset.I don't see any overhead wires so maybe the trolley ran on batteries or had an engine.

Main Street, Wareham, Massachusetts

New Bedford to Onset Trolley on Main Street, Wareham, Massachusetts

Onset Trolley Car on Main Street, Wareham


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