"Your Vacation On Cape Cod Will Be Spent Mainly On Cape Cod Beaches Where Fresh Ocean Breezes Relax The Spirit, Cool The Body, And Soothe The Soul..."

Heading for My Vacation

Where shall I spend my vacation?

This is the question that thousands of people are asking themselves today. Since half the fun of vacationing is the anticipation of it, the planning of it is something that needs to be given consideration.

In Europe they call it "holiday" and it lasts for a month. In the USA we are lucky to get two weeks.

They recharge our "batteries", calm our minds, and relax our bodies. It's hard to beat lying on the warm sand soaking up the sun's rays in a state of semi-conscious bliss.

It might be asked, "who needs a vacation?" and that question might be answered by asking, "Why sleep, and why eat?" for vacations are necessary parts of peoples' lives and those who have never known the joys of them have never truly lived.

Cape Cod Parorama

Vacations help keep people young, they help to broaden their views and renew their physical, spiritual and mental vigor.

Vacations don't have to be expensive. Any change of environment will do, but it is much more pleasurable to meet new scenes and breathe new atmospheres. Whether one depends upon the planes for transportation, or the boats, or automobiles and whether one stops at the hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, or at the campgrounds, depends largely upon one's circumstances and inclination.

Ideas for vacations vary. Some delight in visiting the most sumptuous hotels, to indulge in social intercourse and to enjoy complete relaxation. Others like to live the strenuous life, to rough it in camp and woods and field.

No matter what the desires are all of them can be culminated upon Cape Cod.

So the answer to the question of our caption is, "spend it on Cape Cod"...of course.

In a little more detail it may be said that Cape Cod has all the attributes of an ideal spot. It can be reached over smooth highways which present no difficulties to the motorist.

It can be reached by train [NOT! Alas, no passenger trains run to Cape Cod anymore, except for the trash train that carries Cape Cod garbage to the Incinerator in Rochester or boat, or even by flying machine if one so desires. When reached a variety of entertainment may be found to suit all tastes.

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There is Old Ocean everywhere, surging restlessly upon the shores or lying placid in the bays and inlets. Those who enjoy boating and bathing can indulge in those pleasures to their heart's content. If they enjoy beautiful scenery, green trees, blue waters, level spaces or hilly vistas, Cape Cod has them all.

If they wish to stop in modern hotels, to receive service of the most exuberant kind, to be entertained royally, the hotels, motels, and Bed and Brekafasts of Cape Cod will answer their purpose.

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Cape Cod Summer

If they like to fish, to camp, to live an out door life, indulge in golf, windsurfing, kitesailing, snorkeling, tennis, or other games, Cape Cod can furnish them with the opportunity.

If they search for the quaint and curious they can find it; if they want to visit a section rich in Colonial history, to visit spots where the Pilgrim Fathers trod, Cape Cod is the only vacation place where such can be found.

To particularize as to the attractions of different parts of the Cape the following brief summary may serve to help solve the vacation problem.

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Provincetown, MA


At the tip end of the Cape, except for a narrow strip of land entirely surrounded by water. It has all the attractions of an island and none of its disadvantages. The town is quaint in its architecture, unique in its surroundings and especially attractive to artists who form a large part of the summer colony there. It is the summer rendevous of the North Atlantic fleet of the U.S. Navy and the home port of a large fishing fleet. It has excellent hotels, and rooms and board may be obtained in many private families. It may be reached by boat from Boston or by automobile. The passenger trains no longer run.

-Truro and Highland Light—

Highland Light is located upon a high bluff overlooking the broad Atlantic in the town of Truro. The topography of Truro is distinctive and picturesque with sand dunes, rolling hills and salty marshes. Golf links and good fishing.

Highland Lighthouse Truro


Wellfleet is a pretty village in which there are good hotels, a land locked harbor, and plenty of shell fish. Many summer residents have their homes there and it is a favorite camping place.

Sandpiper on Audubon Bird Santuary, Wellfleet, MA


A town on the lower part of the Cape, quiet and pastoral. An ideal place for campers and cottagers.

Samoset Beach, Eastham, MA


By many considered one of the prettiest places on Cape Cod. Has hotels and can provide for many boarders in private families. A fine place for boating and picnics.


A quiet and peaceful rural town bordering on the bay. Contains many beautiful ponds within its limits and provides excellent bathing and fishing.

Low Tide, Brewster, MA


A summer resort town of growing popularity. Has several first class hotels and numerous cottages. It is located at the elbow of the Cape, fronts on the Atlantic ocean and has many safe bays and inlets for boating and bathing. It is noted for its golf links and is destined to become the summer center for golfing enthusiasts.

Aerial Chatham, MA


Consists of numerous villages all of which are attractive for summer residence. It borders on Nantucket sound, has fine beaches, summer hotels and cottages. It has a community life in summer that is not surpassed anywhere.


This town reaches entirely across the Cape and is split up into several villages. On the south side it is bordered by Nantucket sound and on the north by Massachusetts bay. Has excellent summer hotels and good bathing and fishing.

Old Orchard Beach, Dennis, MA


A town with quiet and shady streets, sloping shores and many old residences. One of the historic towns of the regions and presents a variety of attractions.

Windmill,Beach, Bass River, Yarmouth, MA


The county seat and largest town on the Cape. Attractions exceedingly varied. Noted for the excellence of its clams.

Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable


Known as the Metropolis of the Cape. It is a center for summer business. Here are to be found excellent hotels, good stores and attractive tea rooms. Its main street is lined with summer stores which are branches of New York and Boston's exclusive shops. Adjacent to it are Hyannisport, a summer colony of fine residences. Centerville, Craigville, said to have the finest beach in New England,

Osterville (called the little Newport), and Cotuit, one of the prettiest spots along the shores of Vineyard Sound. This region is growing more and more popular every year as the summer home of people of wealth and refinement and presents all the attractions of resorts which cater to the diversion of vacationists.

LobsterTrawle Off Hyannis


Falmouth is one of the larger villages on the Cape that draws a fine class of summer residents who populate its fine hotels and summer homes. It has varied scenery as it lies between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. Its hotels are among the best and for attractiveness cannot be rivalled anywhere. At Woods Hole, a part of Falmouth, is found another settlement of exclusive character. Falmouth has several other villages, all with fine hotels, golf links and boat harbors.

Snug Harbor, Falmouth, MA


This town on the North side of the Cape is one of the oldest and original settlements and is on the banks of the Cape Cod canal. It has extensive woodlands dotted with well stocked ponds and is very attractive to campers.

East Sandwich Beach


Sagamore Beach, within the confines of the town of Bourne, is on the north shore and is a pretentious cottage colony with two excellent hotels. Golf links are adjacent and it has its own water system, community house and tennis courts. Cataumet and Pocasset are parts of Bourne which border on Buzzards Bay as well as Monument Beach and the village of Buzzards Bay, itself. These are typical bayside resorts where boating, bathing, fishing and golf are extensively indulged in. The town is intersected by the Cape Cod canal and the traffic that flows through it passes in front of the summer colonies.

-Martha's Vineyard—

This is an off-shore island reached by a half-hour's boat ride from Woods Hole. A poet has said of it, "a little bit of Heaven dropped from out the sky one day" which aptly describes it. Oak Bluffs, Edgartown. Vineyard Haven, Tisbury, Chilmark and Gay Head are its principal villages. The island presents all the best features of an ideal summer vacation spot away from the mainland, yet possessing all the essential features which go to make life comfortable. Its hotels are many and excellent.


Further at sea, a two and a half hours' steamboat ride from Woods Hole. Unique is a word that inadequately describes it. All over the United States there are people who assert that there is no place like Nantucket on the face of the globe. It has a large summer population and tourists are adequately cared for. It has the most regular climate of any place along the New England coast, the temperature averaging 76 degrees during the summer months. It is cooled by the Atlantic breezes.


This is a busy and thriving summer resort located in a beautiful spot on upper Buzzards Bay. It attracts many thousands of people during the summer months, who come to spend a few weeks, days, or the season there. It is a cottage colony supplemented by hotels and Bed and Breakfasts that fit the purses of all classes for a vacation.

Onset is part of Wareham. A fact that many who live in Onset seem to forget. The Onset beach is a beautiful beach, but there are other beaches in Wareham not so grand or crowded, but intimate like Little Harbor, Briarwood, Pinehurst, Hamilton [private], Parkwood, Swift's Neck, and Swift's Beach.

Wareham has 54 miles of coastline.

At some of these places, either on Cape Cod itself or the islands, every person can find conditions suited to his or her individual taste.

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