"A Brook Trout Fried in Sweet Butter Deserves, No, Is Owed A Fine Flinty Chablis..."

"When you fish with a flie, if it be possible, let no part of your line touch the water, but your flie only." -Isaak Walton

There are trout in my river whose attitudes,
Are quite of the blackest ingratitude;
Though I offer them duns,
Most superior ones,
They maintain a persistent Black Gnatitude.
- Anonymous

Picture of Brook Trout

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Brewster - Cliff Pond, Flax Pond, Little Cliff Pond
Chatham- Goose Pond, Schoolhouse Pond
Dighton - Segreganset River
Eastham- Herring Pond
Falmouth -Ashumet Pond, Deep Pond
Hanover - Indianhead River
Hanson - Indianhead River
Mashpee - John's Pond, Mashpee-Wakeby Pond
Mattapoisett - Mattapoisett River
Orleans-Baker Pond Crystal Lake
Pembroke - Herring Brook, Indianhead River
Plymouth- Big Sandy Pond, Eel River, Fearings Pond, Fresh Pond, Little Pond, Long Pond, Lout Pond, Town Brook
Rehoboth -Palmer River
Rochester - Mary's Pond
Sandwich - Peters Pond, Scorton Creek, Spectacle Pond
Taunton - Segreganset River
Wellfleet -Gull Pond

The chronic trout fisherman is by nature secretive. He is loath to tell where he made his big catches and shrouds the location of the streams in mystery. If pinned down closely he will sometimes indicate a general locality but it is hard to get him to be more definite.

The reason for this is obvious.

He is zealous of his rights as a "discoverer" and feels that he is not obliged to share his knowledge with anybody. He won't take the risk of having the stream "fished out" by others than himself. The secrets of the location of gold strikes in the days of '49 were no more closely kept.

It used to be that the fishing season opened on April 15, but that is now changed to April 1st.

When the first of April comes around each year there are certain wise men who proceed to load up their automobiles with their fishing tackle and in the early morning turn Capeward. They have experiences of previous years to guide them and know certain brooks and pools where the speckled beauties await them.

The wise ones know just where to throw their lines and the kind of bait that is sure to lure the denizens of that particular spot.

Is fishing an art or a science?

For fishing is a science, as well as a sport requiring skill and judgment. The born fisherman seems to have an uncanny sense of piscatorial thoughts and almost instinctively can determine just the right thing to do and the right time to do it, while the mere amateur fisherman who only wets a line occasionally guesses whether to use a fly or a worm.

Cape Cod is a Mecca for trout fishermen

Yes, the Cape is a noted Mecca for trout fishermen, at least certain parts of the Cape. Within the confines of Bourne, Mashpee, Falmouth and Barnstable are many likely trout brooks and from them are annually taken many catches that gladden the hearts of the sportsmen.

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Of course, you can't keep a trout as a pet unless you have a brook running through your yard.

These brooks run into the ponds and the sea, they run through marshes and woods. They abound in trout, of the square-tail variety, and those who know them keep their secrets closely.

Sometimes a fisherman exhibits a basket of fish that astonishes all beholders. Big speckled beauties they are and in quantity sufficient to satisfy any one.

Some of the biggest of them may be "salters," fish caught near the mouths of the brooks that run into the sea and weighing all the way from a pound to two pounds or more. There is authentic information that trout weighing more than two and a half pounds have been taken from these Cape Cod streams.

Unfortunately for the general public many of the brooks are "posted," but there are a lot of fishermen that "don't believe in signs" and when they see a sign of "no fishing here" they are apt to challenge the statement and some of them aver that there is very good fishing there indeed.

It is a matter of history that the Pilgrims found trout in the Cape Cod streams.

A lot more then than now.

It is a matter of fact that many of the brooks have been stocked by private individuals and by the state. Every year the fish in these stocked brooks increase in size and the sophisticated fishermen keep track of them from year to year. The state keeps a record of the stocking of streams and that information can be obtained and made use of.

At Sandwich the state maintains a trout hatchery where millions of eggs are secured. These eggs develop into fry and fingerlings and they are distributed throughout the state, the Cape getting its full share.

The World Is Your Oyster - Where Do You Want To Go?


There are similar hatcheries in Belchertown, Sunderland, and Montague, Massachusetts.

A visit to this hatchery is interesting. It demonstrates how the state strives to increase sport for its residents. Science and experience are exercised and the result is that the fishing advantages of the state are steadily increasing.

One of the chief drawbacks of having well stocked streams is the unsportsmanlike conduct of many fishermen. To them a trout is a trout regardless of its size and hundreds of small fish are taken from the streams that should be put back and allowed to grow for another year.

There may be satisfaction for some in catching a large quantity of seven-inch fish, but there is a greater satisfaction in catching fewer in number and larger in size.

Many of the streams are suitable for fly-casting and experienced fishermen delight in that method of filling their creel. To cast a gossamer silk line with an alluring fly into the deeper pools and to feel the thrill of a strike as the fly flits over the surface is a joy that far outweighs the less spectacular method of fishing with worm or grub and dragging the trout from the water by main strength.

There is a skill in fly-casting that comes from long practice and the fisherman who is expert in this method cares to use no other.

The trout is a shy fish and the blundering sportsman who goes stumbling through the underbrush, who allows his shadow to fall upon the pool, or who in other ways announces to the fish lurking under the bank that he is present with homicidal intent often wonders why it is that the results are so small for the amount of effort expended.

He may aver that the stream is barren of fish when the fact is that his own clumsiness is responsible for his lack of success.

In other words there are all kinds of fishermen; to the victor belongs the spoils and the greater the skill the greater the spoil.

We are not asserting that Cape Cod trout streams are as prolific as are some in more remote regions, they are fished too frequently for that, but any one wanting a day's sport will not find them entirely lacking and very often will proudly exhibit catches that will by no means be insignificant, even to the most experienced and enthusiastic fisherman.

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