The Beach.

by Genesis Orozco
(Las Vegas, Nevada.)

You know the feeling,
Driving down to the beach, all excited.
There are fights in the car, who's going to get out first.
When you get there, you all run out.
The sand burns your feet.
You want to leave.
Then, after a quick lunch and some rest,
you go into the water.
You run around, splashing the waves here and there.
You laugh, and don't have a care in the world.
"Time to go!" Your parents yell.
You don't want to go.
You want this moment to last.
When you all get to the car, there are more arguments.
Sand's still in your bathing suit,
they're pushing me.
You get all changed.
Then, you go for dinner.
Maybe, In-And-Out burger?
You have your hamburger, your soda, your fries, with the ketchup to the side.
You laugh with your siblings.
Your parents are still taking pictures.
You get home.
Only a while for TV, then bed.
"Time to go to sleep." your mom whispers.
You change into your pajamas.
You lay your head down to your pillow.
"Goodnight." they whisper.
"Goodnight." You whisper back.
As you lay in the dark, you realize something.
You wish this day was like this forever.
You wish it could be like this forever.
At least you had your one day.
To be at the beach. :)

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