Are You A Swifts Beach Warrior? You Know You Are A Swifts Beach Weekend Warrior if...

Swifts Beach Warrior
Swifts Beach Weekend Warrior

There is a new Facebook group that has just appeared on Facebook. If you know about Facebook, then you know that anyone can create a Facebook group.

And that's exactly what happened.

A Facebook group was started by Kristen Kelleher Roberts. She called her group "You know you are a Swifts Beach weekend warrior if..." and you fill in the rest by writing on the wall. That's the Facebook wall, not the "wall" at Swifts Beach.

Anyone is free to join this group. If you are already on Facebook, then it's easy to join a group.

Click here to get to the group.

Here are a couple of the entries that Swifts Beachers may remember:

  • You went to Oceanside for a slice, fried dough, or a cape cod slush
  • You spent all your money at the Arcade

Sadly, Oceanside and the Arcade are no longer there, but at least we still have a pizza joint, Crustys Pizza.

Sorry, Crusty's Pizza went out of business. Only lasted one summer, The last meal we got there was terrible. I think they needed a better cook. But like most attempts at commerce on the beach, it failed. Not enough traffic in the winter so it joins a long line of failed enterprises that tried to make a go of it.

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