"Stewed Fish Marseillaise Is Soupe De Poisson a la Marseillaise.."

Stewed Fish Marseillaise
Cook four pounds of fish (cleaned and washed) with a crab in equal parts of hot water and cider, add olive oil, seasoning with minced garlic, onion (grated or finely chopped), parsley, a pinch of saffron, and thyme, a bay-leaf, and a clove.

Stir to prevent burning.

Cook for half an hour and thicken with a tablespoonful each of butter and flour cooked together.

Add the yolks of two eggs beaten with a little cold water, and salt, pepper, and lemon-juice to season.

Add a green pepper chopped fine, and two pods of okra.

Simmer for fifteen minutes and serve in the dish in which it is cooked.

Sprinkle with grated Swiss cheese.

Listen! 20 tomatoes, 4 leeks, peeled and chopped, can also be added.

Rouille is a sauce that consists of olive oil with bread or breadcrumbs with spices.

The French word for rust is rouille.

It is highly spiced with chile peppers. Best used on or in fish soup with croutons, but can be used in other dishes.

Rouilles can be used on many dishes,

It is found in the cuisine of Provence.

Provence is in France.

Southern France.

By the big sea there - Mediterranean...

The Mediterranean Sea (35 degrees north, 18 degrees east) is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia. It covers an approximate area of 2.5 million km² (965,000 mi²), but its connection to the Atlantic (the Strait of Gibraltar) is only 14 km (9 mi) wide. In oceanography, it is sometimes called the Eurafrican Mediterranean Sea or the European Mediterranean Sea, to distinguish it from mediterranean seas elsewhere.

It was a superhighway of transport in ancient times, allowing for trade and cultural exchange between emergent peoples of the region — the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Semitic, Persian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Greek and Roman cultures. The history of the Mediterranean is crucial to understanding the origin and development of Western Civilization.

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