Sewer Pipe Polluting Swfits Beach

by Walter Brown

Outflow Sewer Pipe at Swifts Beach

Outflow Sewer Pipe at Swifts Beach

This is a picture I took of the outflow pipe polluting swifts beach.

It is not a sewer pipe. It is a storm drain pipe. No sewage flows onto the beach. It goes to the treatment plant on the Agawam river. It is a pipe to handle the overflow from the streets when it rains very hard.

Unless there is no heavy rain, the pipe lies buried in the sand.

Not only is is causing the beach to be degraded by erosion, but children actually play in and around the outflow pipe where it exits onto the beach.

If you go to the beach you can see that the sand is being carried away every time there is a large rainstorm.

Would you want your children playing in polluted runoff water?

Not me.

This is ruining the beach but nobody seems to care enough about the beach or the children.

Before it was destroyed by Hurricane Bob, the outflow pipe ran under the sand and out about 50 feet from the beach. It was left in that state until a couple of years ago when they added a 10 foot extension to the sewer pipe which was subsequently carried away in a winter storm.

We need some help here to return Swifts Beach to its former pristine condition.

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