Salt Water Lures Selected by Thomas

Salt Water Lures

Best bait for Cape Cod if you really want to catch fish are the venerable seaworm. Just be careful when you bait your hook because they have some powerful pincers that can grab your fingers. Some other baits include, but are not limited to clams, squid, eels, and sand eels. Don't forget the fish species that can be used. They include porgy, mackerel, herring and butterfish. include seaworms, sand eels, eels, clams, squid, and various fish species like herring, mackerel, porgy, and butterfish. Stop by a local tackle shop for the best advice on what lures to use for Cape Cod Fishing. There are humdreds of choices for salt water lure selection and local tackle shopo is the best bet for finding the right fishing tackle. The local tackle and bait shop know what fish are biting and what lures to use to attract them. It is a waste of time and money to buy your tackle before you get to Cape Cod

One of the best tackle shops is Red Top Sporting Goods in Buzzards Bay, Ma.

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