"The Pigrims Searched Provincetown In Vain For A Large River..."

The Pilgrims landed at Provincetown on November 11,1620. They only stayed five days. Then, thye sailed across Massachusetts Bay to Plymouth lowered their rowboats and stepped on the famous rock to get to shore.

Abandoned, P-town became a favorite watering hole for all manner of lowlifes - adventurers from around the world, freebooters, pirates, fishermen, and smugglers.

Such noteriety enabled P-town to become the most cosmopoiitoan of all the Cape Cod towns and soon the pirates and freebooters were replaced by sailors, artists, actors, old time Yankess, tourists and Portuguese fishermen.

The alleys that connect to the two main streets were once runways for boats of all kinds.

This video was taken by Robert Lauterbach. Please visit his Web site for some amazing photographs.

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