"Potted Fish


Pound cold cooked flaked fish to a paste, seasoning highly with salt, mustard, red and black pepper.

Add melted butter to moisten, pack closely in small stone jars or cups and steam for half an hour.

Cover with melted butter and keep in a cool place until ready to use.


Cut the fish into convenient pieces for serving.

For every six pounds of fish allow one-fourth cupful each of salt, black pepper, and stick cinnamon, one-eighth cupful of allspice and one teaspoonful of clove.

Put a layer of the fish in the bottom of an earthen pot, dredge with flour, sprinkle with spices, dot with butter, and continue until the dish is full.

Fill the jar with equal parts of vinegar and water, cover tightly, and bake for five hours in a slow oven.

Serve cold.


Clean, skin, split, bone, and cut in small pieces three shad or half a dozen small mackerel.

Pack in layers in a small stone jar, sprinkling each layer with salt, cayenne, and whole spices. Cover with vinegar, close the jar tightly, and bake for five or six hours in a slow oven.

Let stand for two or three days before using. All the small bones will be dissolved.

Potted Fish Recipe - IV

Take any kind of cooked fish and free it of skin and bones.

To each quart of fish add one table-spoonful of essence of anchovy, three of butter, two teaspoonfuls of salt, a little white pepper and a speck of cayenne.

Pound the fish to a paste before adding the butter and anchovy. When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, pack the fish closely in little size jars.

Place these in a pan of water and put in a moderate oven.

Cook forty-five minutes.

When cold, pour melted butter over the fish.

Paste paper over the top, and set away.

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