Postcard Dating - Back to The Good Old Days

Post card  of Swifts Beach near Cape Cod

PostCard Dating

There is no date on the back of this card. I ts is unused so we have to guess the date of the card. We know that there is one lone cottage near the bottom of the card with a red roof. This was the only cottage rebuilt after the 1938 hurricane in that area. Every cottage was demolished in the 1938 hurricane, but the Bennets rebuilt. They were wiped out again in 1954 when Carol hit with a vengence. Therefore, the aerial is between 1939 and 1954.

You will also notice that there is only one large island in the lower half of the picture. The other island was created when some idiots decided to cut a passage through the marsh and this created the small island we have now. Duh! Shades of Homer Simpleton.

You may also notice that there are still remnants of roads leading to and around where the Bennet's cottage existed. These roads are all overgrown now and there is only a narrow path where the road leading to the beach used to be.

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