Poisoned Food is Slowly Causing you to Die From a Chronic Disease

You don't have to die from a chronic disease.  There are ways to change your lifestyle so you die from old age instead of endless trips to the doctor and then the hospital where you die from a horrible disease like Coranary Aeterial Disease (C.A.D.) or some terrible chronic disease.

Here is the bad news:

"According to WorldLifeExpectancy.com, which gathers statistics from the World Health Organization, UNESCO, and the Center for Disease Control (among others), 82% of all Americans will die from one of the twenty leading causes of death..."

The good news is almost all of these chronic diseases can be cured and even reversed.

Here is a info graph  of the chronic diseases most American die from:

Some medical professionals believe that the 3rd or 4th cause of death should be medical errors.  Can these outcomes be eliminated, reversed, or in some cases, cured?

The answer is found in this video of how a 65 year old grandmother took matters into her own hands when she was sent home my her doctors to die; they had tried all the pills and surgeries and failed and given up.