"A Kayak Effortlessly Takes You To Places You Could Never Get To In A Powerboat Boat..."



...Talking about ocean kayaking here and one great place to start or launch your favorite Eskimo boat is at Nemasket Kayak Center,Warehamm Ma . From Onset it is just a short paddle to the Cape Cod Canal entrance and Buzzards Bay or you can go the other way and explore the upper reaches of the Weweantic River. Watercraft without engines are not allowed in the canal.

The Ocean Kayak site also has some great information on fishing from your ocean kayak.

The Weweantic River is world renowned for great Striped Bass fishing...some call it the best in the world.

And the striped bass is best caught on light line - give this thoroughbred sporting fish a sporting chance.

Salt water fly fishing is easily done from an ocean kayak and represents a great challenge to the salt water fisherman.

Please catch and release. Do not eat this magnificent animal.

It is inexpensive and brings you closer to nature.

No engine sound to scare those big guys away. A kayak sneaks up on them.

Why pay $600 or more for a fishing expedition on a chartered boat when an ocean kayak is better and far less money.

The World Is Your Oyster - Where Do You Want To Go?


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