"Every July Fourth Parade At Swifts Beach Brings Out the Kids, The Dogs, The Bikes, The Wagons, etc., All Decorated And Tricked Out..."

July Fourth Parade

Every July Fourth, the Swifts Beach Improvement Association sponsors the Independence Day parade for everyone on Swifts Beach. It's a fun day fopr the kids who trick out their bikes and wagons with all sorts of creative designs.

Even the dogs get decorated with the Red, White, and Blue.

The Fourth Of July parade always starts at the "Red House", the Swifts Beach Improvement Association club house. Everyone assembled in the yard and then at 11:00 AM the parade starts to form and proceeds down Pleasant Street towards the beach. It turns left on Wankinco and then another left on Swifts beach road.

It proceeds up Swifts Beach road to Swifts Avenue where it veers left and goes to the end to hook up with the end of Pleasant Street. Then back to the "Red House" where prizes are given for best decorated bike, wagon, animal, etc.

After the prizes are disbursed the event is over and everyone is left to enjoy the rest of a glorius Independence day.

Here are some pictures of the parade on July 4, 2007

The parade is beginning to form...

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