July 4 2009 Swifts Beach Parade Was A Huge Success...

July 4 20090 Swifts Beach Parade to celebrate our Independence Day when back in 1776 we broke away from Mother England and became a free independeat state with liberty and justice for all.

This Independence Day parade was much larger than last years parade. In fact, it was the largest and longest parade in years and was enjoyed by all.

After the parade, there was free ice cream in the Red house or the Swifts Beqach Improvement Association Community house.

Betty Voss rode in the first car, the red convertible and taking up the rear was a fire engine red Jeep with Uncle Sam standing in the back.

We didn't have many dogs in the parade this year, though.

Some pictures of the parade follow:

Getting ready for the parade

July 4 2009 to No Wrinkles