"Jellied Fish Salad Or Aspic..."


Mix cold flaked fish, which has been cooked in court bouillon, with Mayonnaise.

Add sufficient soaked and dissolved gelatine to make the mixture very hard.

One package of gelatine will solidify one quart of the mixture.

Pour into a mould wet in cold water and put on the ice to harden.

Turn out and serve with a garnish of hard-boiled eggs and lettuce on a cold plate to preserve the aspic.

Fish stock or consomm├ęs usually have too little natural gelatine, so the fish stock may be double-cooked or supplemented with dissolved gelatine.

Fish aspic is very delicate and will melt readily in the mouth and on the plate so it is necessary to keep the serving plates cold.

Other aspics made from meat are not so delicate.

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