The Totally Extraordinary Newsletter from Marvelous George Rucker for August 29, 2017

Well Met this Tuesday,

There is a correction I must make to my last two letters as they both have the same error.  With the use of Tequila the breakfast or lunch drink becomes a “Bloody Maria” and with vodka the drink is now a “Bloody Mary.”  Since Mezcal is a type of Tequila the recipe from two weeks ago should read Bloody Maria.  If you go on line for either you will find hundreds of recipes for both.  Anyway both of the drinks are good and taste similar except for the one made with Mezcal as it has a smoky taste.



Please DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT use the $1 – $2 – $50 or the $100 bills. They have pictures of former slave owners on them! Send them all to me and  I will dispose of them properly! DO NOT just throw them away. They need to be disposed of properly and I am certified to do so. We must get these out of circulation immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.


Lotta truth in this one.  How, pray tell, did we ever survive?


Pasta had not been invented. It was macaroni or spaghetti.

Curry was a surname.

Taco? Never saw one till I was 25.

Pizza? Sounds like a leaning tower somewhere.

Bananas and oranges only appeared at Christmas time.

All chips were plain.

Oil was for lubricating, fat was for cooking.

Tea was made in a teapot using tea leaves and never green.

Cubed sugar was regarded as posh.

Chickens didn't have fingers in those days.

None of us had ever heard of yogurt.

Healthy food consisted of anything edible!

Cooking outside was called camping.

Seaweed was not a recognized food.

'Kebab' was not even a word, never mind a food.

Sugar enjoyed a good press in those days, and was regarded as being white gold.

Prunes were medicinal and stewed.

Surprisingly Muesli was readily available. It was called cattle feed.

Pineapples came in chunks or were round with a hole in the middle, in a tin; we had only seen a picture of a real one.

Water came out of the tap. If someone had suggested bottling it and charging more than gasoline for it, they would have become a laughing stock.

There were three things that we never ever had on/at our table in the fifties ... elbows, hats and cell phones!

  .........and there was always two choices for each meal...

     "Take it" or "Leave it"