George Rucker's Sophistic Newsletter for December 12, 2017

Hello once again,                                                                  12 Dec. 2017

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” That quote was made popular by Mark Twain over a century ago, but it’s just as applicable today… especially when talking about “climate change.”

If you listen to climate alarmists, the statistics say the world is warming at an unprecedented rate, and it’s all the fault of humans.

However, a new study by University of Alabama-Huntsville climate scientists found that studies used by other scientists made a glaring oversight: Their data didn’t take into account volcanoes.

According to The Daily Caller, when scientists John Christy and Richard McNider re-calibrated satellite temperature data to remove the effects of naturally occurring volcanic eruptions, they found something stunning: The rate of global warming has been nearly unchanged in the last 30 years.

“We indicated 23 years ago — in our 1994 Nature article — that climate models had the atmosphere’s sensitivity to CO2 much too high,” Christy said in a statement. “This recent paper bolsters that conclusion.”

Volcanoes can dramatically influence the earth’s climate, but sometimes in ways you might not expect. We often imagine volcanoes as sources of heat, but when they erupt, the ash they spew can also act as an atmospheric layer that actually helps keep the earth cool.

“Two major volcanoes — El Chichon in 1982 and Pinatubo in 1991 — caused global average temperature to dip as a result of volcanic ash, soot and debris reflecting sunlight back into space,” The Daily Caller noted.

Think of the volcanic ash as a windshield sun reflector that protects a car on a hot day. Particles thrown into the sky by large volcanoes shield the earth from the sun’s rays, and the earth stays cooler as a result.

The University of Alabama scientists believe that this is essentially what happened 30 years ago. Because those two significant 1982 and 1991 volcanoes occurred right around the time a major global warming study began, the eruptions skewed the data and made the result look more dramatic than it truly was.

“Those eruptions happened relatively early in our study period, which pushed down temperatures in the first part of the dataset, which caused the overall record to show an exaggerated warming trend,” Christy said.

“While volcanic eruptions are natural events, it was the timing of these that had such a noticeable effect on the trend

“If the same eruptions had happened near the more recent end of the dataset, they could have pushed the overall trend into negative numbers, or a long-term cooling,” he said.

That means that current climate models that predict dramatic global warming are most likely wrong, or at least highly exaggerated. They include temperature spikes that appear higher than they truly are because volcanic eruptions created a false baseline.
If the experts didn’t realize that volcanoes were affecting conclusions for 30 years, what other “settled science” is actually based on false conclusions?

In truth, science is never settled. Scientific facts are not a democracy, and a false “consensus” doesn’t actually impact reality any more than hundreds of scientists claiming the sun orbits the earth would somehow make it true.

Good scientists are always questioning and revising. When a group seems openly hostile to questions and angrily bitter against skeptics, the odds are they are on the wrong side of reality.

Agreed and quite glad somebody pointed it out.


Security Guard: Sorry Sir, You can’t bring outside food in here.

Me: This is a service burrito.


If you were going to open a new, or new to the area grocery store, would you put it next to one of the lowest priced stores in the area?  Let’s say a Super WalMart or a Market Basket.  Most chains would think that through and build it near the higher priced chains, like Stop and Shop which is one of the highest priced stores in the New England area.

There are some stores that carve out an area of the food chain, like Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  Organic, non GMO, small farm local items, gluten free, anti-biotic free, etc.

If you were going to build that store, it better be better than the stores nearby.

We now have “Aldi,” a syllabic abbreviation for Albrecht Diskont, a German global discount supermarket chain.

I heard of the chain from my step daughter, perhaps one or two years ago.   She would drive to Raynham, MA to save money on her grocery bill.  The stores are not that large and the selection is mostly just their own brands.  However I have tried a couple of their brands now and they compare very well with what I normally buy.

Here is what I can find about the chain:    Aldi is the common brand of two leading global discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 18 countries, and an estimated combined turnover of more than €50 billion.  Based in Germany, the chain was founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 when they took over their mother's store in Essen, which had been in operation since 1913.

The business was split into two separate groups in 1960, that later became Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen, and Aldi Süd, headquartered in Mülheim.  In 1962, they introduced the name Aldi.  In Germany, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have been financially and legally separate since 1966, although both divisions' names may appear (as if they were a single enterprise) with certain store brands or when negotiating with contractor companies. The formal business name is Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Compagnie, oHG.

Aldi's German operations consist of Aldi Nord's 35 individual regional companies with about 2,500 stores in western, northern, and Eastern Germany, and Aldi Süd's 32 regional companies with 1,600 stores in western and southern Germany.  Internationally, Aldi Nord operates in Denmark, France, the Benelux countries, the Iberian Peninsula, and Poland, while Aldi Süd operates in Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, China, Austria and Slovenia.  Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd also operate in the United States with 1,600 stores as of 2017.  Aldi Nord is owner of the Trader Joe's chain, while Aldi Süd operates as "Aldi".

Originally, Aldi shops were often ridiculed as being cheap shops selling low-quality goods, whose customers could not afford to shop elsewhere.

In the United Kingdom, Aldi has won Supermarket of the Year two years in a row (2012/13), and in 2013, Aldi won the Grocer of the Year Award.  However, in February 2015, Aldi narrowly lost to Waitrose for the title of Supermarket of the Year 2015. In April 2015, Aldi overtook Waitrose to become the United Kingdom's sixth-largest supermarket chain.  In February 2017, Aldi overtook Co-op to become the United Kingdom's fifth largest supermarket chain.

In the United States, due to the relatively low staffing of Aldi locations compared to other supermarket chains, Aldi has a reputation of starting employees out at significantly higher than minimum wage, unusual among American supermarkets.

In Ireland, Aldi has been accused of a "lack of corporate responsibility" to their farmer suppliers by the Irish Farmers' Association.

In case you are interested €50 billion (Euros) is equal to $59,235 billion dollars, that is a lot of money annually.  I would not be surprised if they finance their own acquisitions of land, buildings and businesses


I was looking for some nautical type drinks, as my year of the “Dark and Stormy” did very well.

I found a website that is actually beyond belief for nautical items.  I will pass it on if anyone cares.  The prices are low and I at this time can not attest to quality without a purchase.

However my main reason for the site was for Nautical Cocktails and their recipes so here is just one example of which there are about 15.

Here is a recipe from that web site

Salty Dog
Vodka is recommended for a wider appeal.

1-1/2 oz
4 oz
Gin or vodka
Grapefruit juice

Combine the ingredients in highball or double-old-fashioned glass with a salted rim.
Garnish with a lime slice.

To Rim the Glass:
1. Moisten the rim of a your cocktail glass with a lime wedge.
2. Fill a saucer or bowl with sea salt or kosher salt.
3. Roll the outside rim of the glass in the salt to cover.
4. Shake off excess.

Use Ruby Red grapefruit juice for a more original Salty Dog variation.


Just when I thought everything was safe in my world, new science proves it is not so.

Are you frustrated that your favorite team seems to always lose to the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox? Help may be coming, if you can wait a few years.

That’s right. Seismologists report that a volcano is building up under the northeastern United States — Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Vadim Levin, a geophysicist and professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of Rutgers University, led the research and co-authored the paper published this week in the journal Geology. He and his team used data collected by the EarthScope program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) which has deployed thousands of seismic, GPS and other geophysical instruments across North America to monitor the forces behind volcanoes and earthquakes. That data shows that the area, particularly under central Vermont and western New Hampshire, has a force to be reckoned with.

“It is not Yellowstone (National Park)-like, but it’s a distant relative in the sense that something relatively small – no more than a couple hundred miles across – is happening.”

“An irregular pattern with rather abrupt changes in it.” That’s not something you want to hear from your family doctor about a mole … or from your friendly neighborhood volcano researcher. Not only that, Levin points out that the last intense geologic activity in this area was 200 million years ago, so it’s overdue for a return. He says the data the team collected points to “a much more dynamic regime underneath this old, geologically quiet area.”

NOW do you feel an upwelling, especially if you live in Burlington or Montpelier? Is there enough time to pack up your maple syrup and head for Florida?

“It will likely take millions of years for the upwelling to get where it’s going. The next step is to try to understand how exactly it’s happening.”

That’s a relief … except this forecast came from the same guy who says he found that “irregular pattern with rather abrupt changes in it.” Like the doc said about your mole, better keep an eye on it anyway.


I suppose everyone has a guardian angel.  While on vacation once in Mystic CT, Patty and I visited a small store in Olde Mistick Village with the name of Angel Haven.  They have a web site where you can enter your birthday and then see who your Archangel is.  Mine happens to be Raphael, who has the celestial title of “Angel of Science and Knowledge.”  I am happy with this angel but secretly wish it was Michael, protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil.

While looking into this angel thing, I can’t help but notice so many different names.  I personally notice that many of their names get changed in translation from their religious origins.  All claim to be the true name of the angel, albeit Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  There are further changes within each branch such as Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Angilican and Lutheran to name a few.  It looks like there are probably only 12 however with the spelling changes this number could be in the low twenties.

One last thing to point out, as these websites on angels seem to be run by moonbats, with the titles like, Crystal Therapy Healing, Homoeopathy, Spiritual Guidance,
Information on Angels, Ascension, Journeys of Initiation, etc.


Christmas will soon be here, 13 days after this letter is posted.  I like receiving home made gifts and give them once in a while.  My last home made gift was the recipe and ingredients for a drink called “Dark and Stormy.”  I got the idea from a Marine cook who is currently living in Florida.

This can be ready in one week.  Homemade Chipotle Oil.

There are other recipes at this site but most will take too long so you might save this email until next year.    Or just set a bookmark on your browser..


This next one is an actual family favorite.  At least when my children were little.  I happen to like using flank steak and multiple variations.  The children would taste a piece almost every time they opened the oven door.  Most of my jerky never made it to the table.  However I truly like the look of Chef John’s Homemade Beef Jerky.  I would also think with a green or red bow this would be a hit for many at Christmas.

Thanks to a new wave of modern day cave-people, eating healthy, high-protein snacks is all the rage, and while you can find many artisan brands out there, making your own is fun, easy, and using this method, relatively quick. Have your butcher slice the beef for you.


    3/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
    3/4 cup soy sauce
    1 tablespoon smoked paprika, or to taste
    1 tablespoon honey, or more to taste
    2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
    1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1 teaspoon onion powder
    2 pounds beef top round, thinly sliced


    Whisk Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, paprika, honey, black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and onion powder together in a bowl. Add beef to bowl and turn to coat beef completely. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator, 3 hours to overnight.

    Preheat oven to 175 degrees F (80 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a wire rack over the foil.

    Transfer beef to paper towels to dry. Discard marinade. Arrange beef slices in a single layer on the prepared wire rack on the baking sheet.

    Bake beef in the preheated oven until dry and leathery, 3 to 4 hours. Cut with scissors into bite-size pieces.

Want to see it done with a video visit


Stupid is as Stupid Does,  Facts are Facts  So if you are offended - blame History!


Eighty Four Percent of those who receive this Email will not completely read it…If they read any of it at all.

Ten Percent will read it, but they will choose not to forward it on to others.

The remaining 6% most likely will forward it.

The War started in the 7th Century, and lasted through the 17th Century.

Many will contend it never stopped; the Facts below are Historically correct.

That is why many of us choke when we hear someone say we will defeat or contain these Islamic Terrorists in a few Years, or even "30 Years" as has been stated by Leon Panetta.

If the latest batch of Murders, Beheadings, And Killing of Innocent Christians has at all shocked you, It is time for you to read this Compilation Of Historical Facts about the Intense Hatred That Muslims have for ANY and ALL who are “NOT” Muslims!


In 732 A.D., The Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was Defeated and turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell.

In 1571 A.D., The Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Attack Southern Europe In the Battle of Lepanto

In 1683 A.D., The Turkish Muslim Army, Attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies.

This nonsense has been going on for 1,400 years!  The SAD thing is that more than half of all Politicians do not even know any of this.   If these Battles had not been won, we would most likely be speaking Arabic.  And Christianity could be Non-existent.  Judaism certainly would not exist.

Reality check:

A lot of Americans have become so Insulated from reality that they Imagine America can suffer defeat without any Inconvenience to themselves.  Think back:  The following events are true historical facts. It has been many years since 1968, But History keeps repeating itself

1. In 1968, Robert Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim Male.

2. In 1972, At the Munich Olympics, Israeli Athletes were Kidnaped and massacred by Muslim Males.

3. In 1972, A Pan Am 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo where a Fuse was lit on final approach.  Shortly after landing, it was blown up by Muslim Males.

4. In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in Rome With 33 People killed, When it was attacked with grenades by Muslim Males.

5. In 1979, The United States Embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim Males.

6. During the 1980’s, a number of Americans were kidnaped In Lebanon by Muslim Males.

7. In 1983, the United States Marine Barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim Males.

8. In 1985, the Cruise Ship Achille-Lauro was hijacked and a 70-year-old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim Males.

9. In 1985, TWA Flight 847 was Hijacked at Athens, and a United States Navy Diver, who was trying to rescue passengers – was murdered by Muslim Males.

10. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim Males

11. In 1993, The World Trade Center was bombed for the First Time by Muslim Males.

12. In 1998, The United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were Bombed by Muslim Males.

13. On 09/11/01, FOUR Airliners were Hijacked. Two of the Planes were used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers.. One plane crashed into the United States Pentagon, and the other plane was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by Muslim Males.

14. In 2002, The United States fought a War in Afghanistan against Muslim Males.

15. In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnaped and beheaded by you guessed it - a Muslim Male.(Plus two other American Journalists who had just recently been beheaded

16. In 2013, The Boston Marathon Bombing resulted in four innocent people, including a child, being killed and 264 other people injured by Muslim Males.

No, I really do not see a pattern here to justify Profiling. Do YOU?

So to ensure we Americans never offend anyone –particularly fanatics intent on killing US- Airport Security Screeners will no longer be allowed to profile certain people.. So, ask yourself:  "Just how Stupid are we?!?!"

Have Americans completely lost their minds or just their "Power of Reason?"

As the writer of the Award Winning story "Forrest Gump" so aptly put it, "Stupid is as Stupid does."

You now have the Opportunity to send this on to other Email Contacts. Please do that! Or you can just sit back, keep complaining and do nothing.

Wake up America!!!


Sorry not many jokes this week.  Have a nice day.


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