"Fish Timbales Are Not To Be Used As Castanets..."


Pound in a mortar one pound of fresh raw fish and press through a purée sieve. To every cupful of fish pulp add a tablespoonful of bread-crumbs soaked until soft in cream. Add also the beaten yolk of one egg, and salt, pepper, grated onion, and nutmeg to season. Page 486 Beat thoroughly, and for every cupful of pulp, fold in the whites of two eggs beaten stiff. Fill a well-buttered mould three-quarters full, set it into a pan of warm water, cover with buttered paper, and bake for twenty minutes. Do not let the water boil. Turn out on a platter and serve with any preferred sauce.FISH TIMBALE—I

Run through a meat-chopper twice half a pound of white fleshed fish. Add one cupful of soft bread-crumbs which have been boiled to a smooth paste in a little milk. Cool, add to the fish, press through a sieve, add six tablespoonfuls of cream, and salt and pepper to season. Fold in carefully the stiffly beaten whites of five eggs. Butter a small timbale mould, fill with the mixture, and put in a baking-pan half full of boiling water. Cover with buttered paper, bake for twenty minutes, and serve with Cream Sauce.FISH TIMBALE—II

Chop cold cooked fish fine and mix to a smooth paste with bread-crumbs soaked in milk. Season with melted butter and grated onion and moisten with the beaten yolks of eggs. Bake in buttered individual moulds, turn out, and serve with a sauce made of one Page 487 cupful of stewed and strained tomatoes mixed with a wineglassful of Sherry and half a cupful of cream, and thickened with the beaten yolks of two eggs. Add a few shrimps and cooked oysters to the sauce, pour around the timbales, and serve.FISH TIMBALES—III

Chop fine one cupful of raw fish and rub it through a sieve. Season with salt, pepper, and grated onion, and add a dozen blanched almonds, chopped fine. Fold in one cupful of whipped cream and the whites of four eggs beaten very stiff. Fill small buttered moulds, set into a pan of hot water, and bake carefully.FISH TIMBALE—IV

Add one cupful of cold cooked flaked fish to one cupful of very thick Cream Sauce and season with salt, cayenne, lemon-juice, and minced parsley. Take from the fire, add the yolks of three eggs, well-beaten, and cool. Fold in the whites of three eggs beaten stiff, fill buttered individual moulds two-thirds full, set into a pan of hot water, and bake for fifteen or twenty minutes. Serve with any preferred sauce.

Some timbales are not fish timbales!

Timbales (or tymbales) are shallow single-headed drums, shallower in shape than single-headed tom-toms, and usually much higher tuned. The player (known as a timbalero) uses a variety of stick and hand strokes, rim shots, and rolls on the skins to produce a wide range of percussive expression during solos and at transitional sections of music, and usually plays the shells of the drum or auxiliary percussion such as a cowbell or cymbal to keep time at other parts of the song.

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