What is a Mousse? - A savory or sweet dish made of ingredients which are blended and folded together. The mixtures may be hot or cold, and generally contain whipped egg whites to lighten them. Cream is also used to lighten these dishes, though when used in large quantities, these preparations are called mousselines, explained below.

What is a Mousseline?

- These are fine purees or forcemeats that have been lightened with whipped cream. The term is also used to describe a hollandaise sauce which has unsweetened whipped cream folded into it.

Here's one way to make a fish mousseline:

Mince enough uncooked white fish to make two cups, add one cupful of soft bread-crumbs and one-half cupful of cream.

Press through a colander, season with salt, pepper, lemon-juice, a suspicion of mace, and Worcestershire Sauce.

Fold in carefully the beaten whites of four eggs.

Turn into buttered moulds (round bottomed ones) and steam one-half hour.

Turn out on separate plates, surround with the sauce, and drop tiny balls of boiled potato in the sauce.

For sauce, make a stock of the fish bones and add to it two tablespoonfuls of butter and two of flour cooked together.

There should be one and one-half cupfuls of stock.

Add one-half cupful of cream; and, when boiling, salt, pepper, and one tablespoonful of grated horse-radish soaked in lemon-juice.

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