"Turn Your Leftover Fish Into Deleicious Fish Cakes..."


If you have ever re-heated leftover fish, you know it doesn't taste quite as good the second time around. But throwing expensive fish out is not very economical and it's just plain wasteful and goes against the grain of my Yankee upbringing.

Fish is getting scarce and it is pretty expensive. More than steak, now so the smart thing to do is to make that leftover fish into something that tastes good, saves the expensive leftover fish from an untimely death in the disposal, and is nutritious and good for you.

The solution is to make your leftover fish into fish "hambergers". Here's a good recipe to try.

Season hot mashed potatoes with salt, pepper, and butter, and add one beaten egg to each two cupfuls of potatoes.

Add an equal amount of cold cooked flaked fish and enough Cream or Drawn-Butter Sauce to make a smooth mixture.

Shape into small flat cakes, dredge with seasoned flour, and sauté in bacon fat. Of course, you don't have to use bacon fat, but they do taste better. Olive oil is good. Butter too, but be careful not to burn the butter with the heat too high.

Serve with a garnish of fried bacon.

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