"Fish Balls Are Very Popular In Southern China and Southeast Asia..."


Prepare a fish stock from the skin, bones, and trimmings of fish, seasoning with bay-leaf, onion, mace, cloves, and garlic.

Boil slowly for an hour in water to coyer.

Chop the raw fish with a few blanched almonds and a little garlic.

Season with salt, pepper, and mace, and shape into small balls.

Strain the stock, bring it to the boil, drop the balls in, and simmer slowly for twenty minutes.

Skim out the balls and put on ice.

Beat six eggs thoroughly with a little cold water and add them gradually to the boiling stock.

Cook in a double-boiler until smooth and thick.

Take from the fire, add the juice of two lemons, and a tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar.

Pour the sauce over the balls, sprinkle with capers and minced parsley, and serve very cold.

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