"Fish and Oyster Pie

Fish and Oyster Pie

Butter a baking-dish and put in a layer of cold cooked fish, seasoning with pepper and salt. Sprinkle with bread-crumbs, add a layer of oysters, and season with nutmeg and minced parsley.

Repeat until the dish is full. Cover with crumbs and dot with butter, or with a rich biscuit dough, and bake.

If the biscuit crust is used, rub with butter, and bake until brown.

Variation with just oysters


  • Oysters, freshly shucked
  • Flour, sifted
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • Bisquick can be used in place of the flour and baking powder
  • Make enough for two medium-sized pie plates
  • Cream or milk
  • butter
  • Instructions:

  • Divide biscuit mix into two parts and bake on 2 medium size pie plates and bake. Do not let them turn crispy.
  • Drain the liquor from the oysters
  • Put oysters in sauce pan, season with salt, pepper and butter and some cream and milk with three crushed crackers. Do not let the oysters boil
  • Remove oysters from heat and fill dish with biscuit shell
  • Cover oysters with other biscuit shell and bake until hot
  • Serve hot
  • Heavenly!

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