"Fish a la Reine - The Queen Wills It..."

Fish a la Reine —I

Mix one pound of cold cooked flaked fish with Cream Sauce, seasoning with salt, pepper, and minced parsley.

Add three chopped mushrooms and the yolk of one egg well-beaten and reheat, but do not boil.

Serve in paper cases or shells.


Reheat cold cooked flaked fish in a Cream Sauce, seasoning with pepper, salt, and minced parsley. Add a cupful of chopped cooked mushrooms, and when very hot, take from the fire and stir in the beaten yolks of two eggs. Serve in patty-shells or individual dishes.

Reine is a French word for the queen. The word for king is roi.

As in

roi fainéant powerless king (literally "do-nothing king"); an expression first used about the kings of France from 670 to 752 (Thierry III to Childeric III), who had to do what their ministers told them. The term was later used about other royalty who had been made powerless, also in other countries, but lost its meaning when parliamentarism made all royals powerless

La reine le veut - the queen wills it.

You must obey the queen.

Or Else, off with your head!

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