"Filled Fish Requires Some Taxiderming Skills..."


Clean a fish thoroughly and take the flesh carefully from the skin.

Do not injure the skin.

Take out the bones, chop the meat fine, and mix with an equal quantity of bread-crumbs.

Season with grated onion, salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, and minced parsley.

Add half a cupful of butter, half a cupful of blanched and pounded almonds, three whole eggs, and the yolks of two more.

Taxidermy Done Here!
Fill the skin, preserving the natural shape of the fish, and sew up.

Simmer in court bouillon until done, drain, and stick the body of the fish full of blanched almonds shredded.

Strain the liquid in which the fish was cooked, thicken with butter and flour cooked together, season with lemon-juice, pour around the fish, and serve.

A Stuffed Fish, ready for mounting, err, ah, I mean eating.

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