"There Are No Scallops In Escalloped Fish...


Reheat equal quantities of cold cooked flaked fish and cold cooked macaroni cut small in equal parts of tomato sauce and oyster liquor.

Season with salt and pepper, grated onion, paprika, and minced parsley.

If desired, this mixture may be put into a buttered baking-dish, covered with crumbs, dotted with butter, and browned in the oven.


Fill a buttered baking-dish half full of cold cooked flaked fish seasoned to taste. Cover with Cream Sauce, seasoned with grated onion, chopped celery, minced parsley, and clove.

Cover with mashed potato, beaten light with the stiffly beaten white of egg, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Cream may be used instead of the Cream Sauce.


Mix cold baked flaked fish with the remnants of the stuffing. Arrange in a buttered baking-dish with alternate layers of seasoned cracker crumbs, having crumbs on top.

Pour over enough cream to moisten, and bake brown.


Into a well-buttered baking-dish put a layer of cold baked fish flaked.

Add a layer of the stuffing, if any, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and repeat until the dish is full, having crumbs and butter on top.

Pour over enough cream or Cream Sauce to moisten, and bake until well browned.

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