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Creating your own website is the easy part of making money from home. Luckily we have Solo Build It! (SBI!) to help us over this hump and produce a traffic seeking powerhouse that will generate cash for years to come.

I am asked these question all the time?

  • Can I make money from home?
  • How can I quit my job and make more money at home?
  • Is there a way to stay home and make lots of money?
  • Can you tell me how to earn money from home?

The short answer is a resounding "YES"

I try to teach people how I do it, but it just doesn't work. I started building web sites before there was such a thing as Windows. Back when I started you had to know UNIX. Coupled with that you had to know UNIX command language in order to get things done. I learned how to construct my first web page using UNIX, the vi editor and HTML (hypertext markup language). I tried teaching this to those who asked me the above questions. It just didn't work. It was too complex for beginners to grasp. After all, it had taken me years of learning and practice to learn what I know.

Once Windows came upon the scene I thought it would be easy to teach people how to blog. Alas, even blogging can be very complex if you want to build a high traffic website. Everyone was excited about how you could create a website and earn money from home, but they found that it was much more difficult and complex than they imagined.

However, there is a very practical solution that solves the complexity problem for those who are willing to do a little work without being washed overboard and drowned in the infinite sea of technical complexity.

It is called Solo Build It or SBI!. It has been around for several years and just keeps getting better.

SBI! Is The Best Solution For

Newbies And Beginners!

SBI! is a set of services and software tools that help you build an income generating website. They also host your website. There are additional tools that show you how to generate traffic to your website. By traffic, I mean real people visiting your website. Targeted visitors who may have a problem and are looking for solutions. No visitors. No traffic, no earn money from home.

SBI! is geared towards the beginner and each step is clearly laid out so that even a child can understand the process. It is just baby-step simple.

They use a formula designated by CTPM - Content-->Traffic-->Pre-sell-->Monetize

They say that "Content" is king, meaning that what you should nake sure your website pages contain quality unique prose that people will clamor to read. Quality content can generate tons of traffic. Visitors do not like to be sold to. Visitors are looking for information when they come to a website page. They may have a problem that they hope the website can solve. They are looking for solutions, not a sales pitch.

The content does what is called pre-selling. Finally if the page looks interesting they will click on an ad, perhaps buy a product. But first the content must create a trusting relationship. So one of the first things we must do is build trust because people do not like to buy from strangers. This is very important if we want to earn money from home.

Building traffic is the most difficult step. Building a website with SBI! is simple. Just follow the very easy to understand action manual and you can build a website in a few weeks as a beginner. Later as you gain more experience, it may only take a few hours.

Once you are set up to earn money from home, you can eventually quit your job. There is no need to become a technical expert or geek. All the technical mumbo-jumbo is done automatically by the software and is hidden from the user. You don't need to learn HTNML, CSS, PHP or any other technical subject. That's why SBI! is ideal for beginners and newbies who want to earn from home.

If you are willing to put in the effort, follow the easy instructions building a successful online business is a breeze. SBI! provides all the coaching, guidance and tools that make sure you stay focused on actions that produce results and earn money from home.

Many times people with no experience will build a site and write hundreds of articles and end up getting no traffic. This happens because they put the cart before the horse. They chose a subject for their website that had absolutely no demand or market. They forgot to do market research to identify a starving crowd.

You want to put your website in front of a starving crowd, a topic that is in great demand, a topic that attracts targeted visitors that will generate income so you earn from home. Don't make the mistake either of selecting a topic where there is just too much competition - an over-saturated market.

SBI will show you how to pick a topic that is not over-saturated yet has enough demand and potential to generate substantial income to earn money from home.

No Technical Or Geeky Knowledge Required

Remember. You don't have to know anything about HTML or CSS to build a web page with SBI!. Rather, it's more of a cut and paste deal where you select an action block, fill in the details via copy and paste and you’re done. In this way you are able to focus more on content building rather than on the geeky technical details that do not generate any income.

However, if you already know HTML and CSS, then you can just cut and paste your code into SBI! and the software takes care of sending it to their host and publishing your website. This allows maximum flexibility in your building process and increases the prospect of earning money from home.

Here are the main sections you will learn about. Don't worry, the action manual makes it easy to understand:

  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Copy and paste page creation
  • Content Management
  • Form building
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • sitemaps
  • RSS Feeds
  • Web mail
  • Graphic manager
  • Newsletter management
  • Customizable templates

But wait. There is a whole lot more. The above topics just scratch the surface. Some tools are so automated that you don't even realize that they are working in the background to make your work even easier and more efficient. The technology allows you to forget the complex details and concentrate on building quality content to earn from home.

The customer support is superb and very fast. All question are usually answered in less than a day via emails. And then there is the forum where hundreds of extremely talented and friendly people are there to help you 24/7, 364 days a year, They will take you by the hand and gently solve your problem so you can continue to make even more money from home.

And the improvements keep coming. This is not a static service where you are limited in what you receive. SBI! is constantly updating and adding new features to the software to keep you tuned into the latest technologies, like Twitter, facebook, etc.

Start with this SBI! introduction:

Why SBI?

Next, I recommend you watch the following video. This tour will really make everything very clear as it explains how the tools and monetization strategies are structured using real websites for illustrative purposes so you can earn money from home.

Look at this video next:

And what if you try it and it just is not your cup of tea. Not to worry. SBI! comes with an ironclad no questions asked money back guarantee.

Try it for 30 days and if you don't like it for any reasons, get your money back. Every penny will be promptly returned. And you know what, you get to keep the new domain you created, no matter what.

For those people who prefer to acquire their learning in a classroom, there is a structured 12-week online course that will take you step by baby step through the entire process of earning money from home until at the end of 12 weeks, you will have an up and running online business. Click here for information on elearning.

The eLearning course is a true college level course that is actually taught at over 25 colleges and institutions of higher learning world-wide. You just need an internet hookup and you are in business. This course can be completed at home via the internet.

But hey! Maybe you don't want to quit your job and earn money from home. Maybe you have lots of leisure time to spend with your family. This is not for everyone. It does take a commitment and some easy and simple hard work. But I figure if you have read this far you must have some interest, so click on some of the links and do your own due diligence. Then decide if it's right for you or not.

Once you learn the ropes you can become an affiliate and learn how to make more money at home bringing SBI! to the masses. Once someone signs up under you, residual income is created so that every year they re-subscribe you continue to make money. This is a valuable product, not one of those overpriced e-books that just rehash content that can be easily found on the internet.

Listen. I learned how to build websites the hard way. That didn't stop me from building a few websites with SBI!. I found that even though I could build websites by hand the old fashioned way, using SBI! allowed me to build websites extremely fast. It's a very easy to learn system and builds rock solid, cash generating websites with all the bells and whistles you could want, and more.

Remember the immortal word of Hamlet who could never make up his mind:

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

Think about it.

Click here to get started today.

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