'Cold Boiled Fish Is Easy To Make And Nutritious..."


I don't know how you can cold boil anything. Maybe it's the lemon that cold boils it. No, that can't be; it is simmered. What a strange name. Or maybe it's the beets that are cold.but without further ado, here is the recipe:

Clean and skin a large fish and put on a piece of buttered paper in the bottom of a fish-pan.

Add a sliced onion, two beans of garlic, and enough salted water to cover.

Simmer until done.

Take it up and squeeze over it the juice of a lemon.

Boil two eggs hard, chop the whites fine and sift the yolks.

Cut cold boiled beets in fancy shapes.

Put a row of the chopped whites of eggs down the middle of the fish, on each side of that a row of the yolks, and next to the yolks a row of the beets.

Pour over a French dressing, garnish with lettuce leaves, and serve.


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