Cape Cod Field Day Is Held Every Year On Labor Day Weekend At The Swifts Beach Playground

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Cape Cod Field Day

Every year for the past 50 years or so, the Swifts Beach Improvement Association (SBIA), has held its annual Field Day at the Swifts Beach Playground.

Field Day consists of a number of contents, mostly races, of different age groups from three year olds to grandmas and grandpas.

This year we tried the three legged race which was a big hit.

Every year the big event is the egg toss and it occurs as the last contest of the day. It drew a huge number of players this year and required several hundred fresh eggs.

The winners of each race all get a free hot dog and drink at the refreshment center set up by members of SBIA every year.

The officers of SBIA want to thank everyone for their help in making this another successful Field Day and look forward to next years events.

Please join SBIA and help us continue these community activities.

The Playing Field - Swifts Beach Playground

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