"BOUILLABAISSE ONE Is A Variation On The Traditional Fish Stew..."

Cut into pieces and remove the bones from three pounds of fish, add six shrimps or one lobster or two crabs, cooked, and cut into large pieces, add one-half pint of olive-oil.

Fry lightly, and add one lemon and two tomatoes, one onion, and one carrot, all sliced, one pinch of saffron,—as much as lies on a ten cent piece,—a bay-leaf, and some parsley. A clove of garlic is used, unless the casserole is rubbed with it before cooking.

Stir for ten minutes, add one cupful of stock and one wineglassful of white wine or hard cider.

Cook for fifteen minutes longer, pour out into a bowl, place slices of toast in the casserole, and cover with the fish and vegetables, allowing the sauce sufficient time to soak into the toast, and adding salt and pepper to taste.

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