"Baked Fish With Lemon Sauce Is Delicious-Low Fat-Low Carbs..."


Bake the fish in a pan with water and butter, taking care to add water when all in the pan has been absorbed.

When the fish is done, drain off all the gravy which is in the pan, and put on the stove to boil with one cupful of white wine.

Beat the yolks of four eggs with one-half cupful of sugar, stir a little wine in, add the juice of two lemons, put back on the stove to thicken, and just before serving, pour the sauce over the fish.

Half the quantity of sauce can be used for a small family.

Baking Tips:

  • Measure fish at the thickest part to estimate cooking time. If ends are thin, fold them under for even cooking. If fish is more or less than an inch thick, add or subtract time from the 10 minute rule. Add an extra 5 minutes if fish is wrapped in foil or covered in sauce. Double cooking time if fish is still frozen.
  • It is easy to tell when seafood is done by the way it looks...it turns opaque and flakes easy with a fork. When done, the internal temperature of the fish on a cooking thermometer should be 145°F.
  • Always preheat oven before baking fish. Prepare whole fish for baking by making several small cuts in the fish. Use steaks and fillets of equal size to ensure even cooking. Place fillets skin side down. Brush fish with melted butter or margarine or oil to keep moist. Let baked fish rest 3-4 minutes before serving.

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