Lee Zanellato's Unique Ship Models Built From Found Material

Hello, My name is Lee Zanellato and I am a ship builder.

I build these intricate model ships out of material I have found in various places.  Most of them are free materials, often put out as trash..  I am always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to my ship models.  They are painstakenly built works of art.  I try to pack as much detail inside the ships as I build on the outside - In fact, one of my ship models even has a model ship built inside the ship itself.

I do not have a plan or list of materials.  I just build them from an image I have in my mind.  I don't even use drawings of blueprints.  I never went to art school or anything like that.  Not even a ship building course, let a lone a model ship building course.  

I've spent about 40 years collecting scraps to build my ships,  I'll be walking down the street and see a piece of wood or metal and something will click.

For example, I used part of an 1878 piano to build one of my ships.  A couple of violins are in the ship below.   It's setup on Swifts Beach.

Sometimer I add a  rosary beads and antique buttons that I find interesting.

If it's unique, it fascinates me.

I sort of got the ship building bug because my grandfather and father worked for Boston Whaler.

All of the ships I build are sailing ships; before the age of steam.  I just love that the wind hits the sails and pushes the ship along even across oceans.  No gas, no batteries.

I watched some of the America Cups races in San Francisco Bay.  Huge catamarans that didn't even have their hulls in the water, sailing on hydra foils at over 50 miles an hour.  Not even the fast clipper ships could go that fast.

I like to build the older sailing ships, the Galleons, the Man O' Wars, Brigatines, etc.  It took a very large crew of sailors to raise and lower the huge canvas sails and maintain the vessel in shipshape.  This was the golden age of sailing.  I love all those old sailing movies like Mutiny on the Bounty, pirate movies, Master & Commander, etc.

Oh, I almost forgot.  All my model ships are for sale, for sail.  LOL.  Hit me up on my Facebook page, Lee Zanellato.

I can also be reached via email:  lel1026@comcast.net.

Make me an offer at 1-774-678-0745.

Here is one of my ships in various stages of construction.

More stages of construction: