Hurricane Bob Cames Ashore With A Vengence Against Swifts Beach, August 19, 1991

Hurricane Bob

August 19, 1991

The original Hurricane Bob video was taken by William Callahan, Swifts Beach, Wareham, Massachusetts.

The 1938 hurricane, September 20, 1938, was the worst hurricane to strike Swifts Beach.

It was a Category 3 hurricane coming ashore at high tide which make it a double whammy because of the 20 foot surge.

Carol, August 30, 1954, was also a Category 3 hurricane. At the time it was the costliest hurricane to decimate the Eastern seashore. Adjusting for inflation, it became the 22nd costliest United States hurricane since 2006.

Hurricane Bob came ashore on August 19, 1991. It was a Category 2 hurricane and avoided high tide. It is the last New England coastal hurricane.

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