4th July 2011 at Swifts Beach including The Fourth of July Parade

This is the end of the 4th of July parade for 2011. Prizes are given out for best costumes and decorations. In the past there were prizes given out for best animal decoratioms but there didn't seem to be many animals or even dogs in the parade this year.

The best costume was won by the boy dressed like the American Eagle.

Vacationers come and go, but Swifts Beach remains a paradise for all even with the devestating effects of several hurricanes, the first big one ocurring in 1938 shortly after the Red House was built.

The 1938 hurricane was the worst. It completely wiped out a summer colony of 20+ cottages that graced Marks Cover. That area is just woods and brambles now but during the early part of the 20th century up until 1938, it was a thriving summer colony.

If you look carefully at low tide, you can see a pair of railroad tracked still embedded in the sand. It is the remains of a marine railway that summer residents used to haul there larger boats up on for bottom painting and repair.

Marks Cove is still a great place to quahog. You need a shellfish license from town hall. Remember, no shellfishing on Sunday.

Blue crabs abound in Marks Cove. And of course, the ubiquitous Fiddler Crabs will scurry down their holes as you approach.

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Ray Davies, Swift Beach Improvement Association President, tells the Wareham Week reporter all about the SBIA 4th of July parade which started over 50 years ago. The SBIA Clubhouse, sometimes called the "Red House", was built during the 1930's by mostly summer residents. In those days there were not many permanent residents living at Swifts Beach. There are many today.

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That's all, folks. See you next year when we might have some musicians join the parade or maybe even a band.

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