"Warning! Don't Go Near Any Cape Cod Beaches Without Checking Out This Web Site..."

Ahh! Cape Cod Beaches...

Who doesn't like a beach? We fell in love with old Cape Cod. And new Cape Cod is beautiful too. Doesn't matter what the season, Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall, Cape Cod has it all.

We love it. We live on the beach year round. Well, not right on the beach, but we can see it from our front yard. It is the nearest thing to paradise on earth that we know of.

You better get to Cape Cod soon because in 3,000 years it will be completely underwater...

Cape Cod was "discovered" by Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602 (there is some evidence that the Vikings were here first and even Henry Sinclair may have visited it in 1398 and buried the Knights Templar Treasure).

The Sinclairs (derived from St. Claire), are reputed to be the heirs to the Merovingian throne, that you may have read about in the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown or seen the movie. The Dan Brown based his book on another book, "Holy Blood,Holy Grail". Some people believe that the treasure of the Knights Templar is in the "Money Pit" on Oak Island in Nova Scotia. But we digress...

Gosnold was an English lawyer, explorer, and privateer. Piracy, in those days under Queen Elizabeth, was sanctioned by the Crown and the pirates plundered the Spanish Main.

There are lots of Cape beaches on all sides of this mighty arm of Massachusetts, jutting some seventy miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. Some are well known, at least in New England, like Craigville Beach. We will cover them all and show you where the best ones are located.


Another great thing about The Cape is that whether you want to visit Martha’s Vineyard, Falmouth, Nantucket, Chatham or Provincetown there are tons of luxurious places to stay. While there is an expanse of great hotels, bed and breakfasts and so on, here is a little traveler tip for you… a timeshare rental can save you money with accommodations!

Low cost is a pretty good attribute for vacation lodging, but there is more. Timeshares are in great locations. Many sit right on the beach. Also, for travelers that don’t want to pick just one place to see, you have the option to exchange your property.

This way you can see all the great spots along Cape Cod. Timeshares guarantee you a vacation wherever you want.


I will tell you a secret. Promise not to tell? OK!

Did you know that beaches on the southern side of Cape Cod enjoy much warmer waters than the northern side on Massachusetts Bay. Here's a map of the Cape for reference.

Buzzards Bay and Nantucket Sound are on the southern side of the Cape. The Gulf Stream runs up the eastern coast of the United States and veers off to the East before it gets to any Cape Cod Beaches. But it throws off eddies (currents)and these eddies are warm enough to send the water temperature into the middle sixty degrees fahrenheit, but if that is not warm enough for you head for the smaller coves along Buzzard Bay, the water temperature can hit seventy degrees, sometimes more, and this temperature holds well into the fall so that you can enjoy Cape Cod Beaches all the way through Indian Summer (October and November).

In fact, one of the best times to visit the Cape is during Indian Summer. The vacationers have left and the beaches are bare.

WOW! That's really cool

Video of waves hitting a Cape Cod beach...

Ahh! Those Cape Cod Beaches...hard to beat. So cool...so neat.


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Swifts Beach
Swifts Beach is a sandy beach on Buzzards Bay at the confluence of the Wareham River and the Weweantic River Flowing into Buzzards Bay
Postcards in or around Wareham, MA from various time periods sretching back to almos 100 years ago
Paradise Lost
Paradise lost is a personal story of the 1938 hurricane and how we lost our little enclave of paradise.
Pilgrim land includes all of southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod which was settled by the Pilgrims a few years after they landed in Plymouth in 1620
The Portal to Cape Cod is Borne, but some say the Gateway to Cape Cod is Through Wareham
Your vacation on Cape Cod will be spent mainly on Cape Cod Beaches where fresh ocean breezes relax the spirit, cool the body, and sooothe the soul.
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Oysters are found on many places around Cape Cod-you just have to know where to look for them.
Trout fishing on Cape Cod can be a challenge, but many of the lakes, ponds and streams are stocked with Brown Trout .
Wellfleet is part of the inner cape and is part of the National Seashore
Pirates on cape cod
Pirates on cape cod was an exciting era. Is there still buried treasure to be found?
Hurricane beach
Hurricane beach is another name for Swifts Beach on Buzzards Bay opposite Borne,Cataumet, and N.Falmouth
More postcards of hurricane beach
More postcards of hurricane beach show Swift's Beach before the hurricanes struck in 1944, 1938, 1954, 1991.
Voss city
Voss City was a name once used for Swift's Beach because the Voss family was involved with the beach for years running a variety of stores including a real estate office for sales and rentals
Provincetown is at the end of Cape Cod. The Pilgrims landed here before they touched thst rock in Plymouth.P-Townf
Captain Kidds Trial
Captain Kidds Trial by the Britsh Admiralty in the Old Bailey Courtroom
Railroad Bridge
The Railroad Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal is located in Buzzard Bay which is part of Borne, MA
Truro has many beaches - Ballston, Beach Point, Coast Guard, Cold Storage, Corn Hill, Fisher, Great Hollow, Head of the Meadow, Longnook, and Ryder
Eastham, home of the notorious wreckers, Mr. Knowles and Mr. Doane
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Fish sauces
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Orleans is famous for Skaket Beach
Many islands are found around Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay.
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A Kayak is the perfect way to appredicate the beauy and naturla surrounding of the Weweantic River, Buzzards Bay, and Cape Cod.
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Wareham was once the home of three Indian tribes, the Agawams, the Wawayantit, and the Kattaumut, all part of the Federation fo the Wampanoags
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Bourne is the bifurcated town on the Cape.
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The Sailski designed by Herreshoff and built by William Berry was unique
July Fourth Parade
Annual July Fourth Parade at Swifts Beach, Wareham, MA
Parade Pictures
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Stone steps
Stone steps created with Belgium stone at Swifts Beach, Wareham, MA
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Salt Water Lures
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Water Temperature
Water Temperature on Cape Cod Varies According To What Side You Are On
Sandcastles are fun to build on your favorite beach.
July 4 2009 - Huge Parade On The Fourth of July
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Hurricane Bob Cames Ashore With A Vengence, August 19, 1991
Hurricane Bob Comes Ashore With A Vengence Against Swifts Beach, August 19, 1991
Field Day Activities - Swifts Beach, September 5, 2010
Field Day Activities - Egg Toss, Swifts Beach, September 5, 2010
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Turtle Rescue
New turtle rescue center, Quincy, Massachusetts
After 283 years, Blackbeard's anchor finally recovered from Davy Jones Locker
Warning Dangerous Currents
Warning Dangerous currents on Cape Cod. What are they and how to avoid drowing.
4th July 2011
4th July 2011, including the Fourth of July Parade on Swifts Beach
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Independence Day Parade 2012 - Fourth of July
The annual independence day parade 2012 at Swifts Beach, Wareham, Massachusetts. Prizewinners!
Paradise was destroyed by the 1938 hurricane. The huge tidal wave,over 20 feet high, washed our little paradise on Marks Cove away, never to be seen again.
Arial Swifts Beach circa 1950
This Swifts Beach arial was taken 1fter the 1938 Hurricane but before Hurricane Carol, August 31, 1954
Avoid fried fish
Avoid fried fish and live a healthy, longer life. Broiled and baked OK.
2013 Fourth Fotos
The annual 2013 Fourth of July Independence Day Parade At Swifts Beach, Wareham, Ma
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